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Services in steel and aluminium

For over 30 years, the focus of tortec® GmbH has been on the development and distribution of high-quality components for cantilevered sliding gates made of steel and aluminium.

We look after our partners from the individual consultation and project planning of their building project, through the delivery of all components as a complete system, statically precisely pre-calculated, with specially programmed software and if desired - including the necessary training and a project-oriented after-sales service.

In addition, our customers can benefit from our specified documents for their door planning via workshop drawings with cutting lists or also foundation plans with reinforcement specifications after ordering. We will be happy to send you your personal tortec® planning and working basis.

In the individual composition of our systems, we primarily pursue the goal of relieving our partners to the maximum in terms of planning, calculation, selection and combination of all components that they require for the installation of a perfect, durable and low-maintenance cantilever sliding door.

The delivery of complete tortec® system components usually takes place within one week throughout Germany and Europe. We deliver spare parts or small items within 48 hours.

One call to us is all it takes!