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tortec® systems

tortec® systems

tortec® GmbH supports you from the consultation and planning of your industrial systems to the delivery of all system components via the running rails and the precisely matched accessories for your cantilever door. With the development and assembly of complete systems, your production processes become significantly more efficient.

Different roller profiles are available for different static requirements - so you always have the right system for your specific needs!

In addition to the tracks for cantilever doors, we also offer accessories for all system sizes. You can find the individual articles in our catalogue.

We guarantee the highest quality down to the smallest detail for our tortec® systems 'Made in Germany'. Our particular strengths include not only innovative solutions, but above all the constant availability of the products, for which we guarantee extremely short delivery times thanks to efficient warehousing.

Due to the well thought-out design and high quality of the individual components of the systems, in the end your cantilever sliding gate is characterised in particular by economy, robustness and low maintenance.

We help you to realise your gate systems.

Contact us today so that together we can find the perfect solution for your project.

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Can I get a complete sliding gate from you?

No. We supply individual components, i.e. in addition to the track roller profile, we can provide you with the appropriate accessories for the sliding gate system you require: roller supports, head covers, inlet forks, run-up shoes, upper guide rollers, toothed racks, serrated rails or sliding door locks. We can also support you with parts lists or foundation plans. Of course, we can also provide you with help and advice over the phone or in a personal meeting.


Are the steel profiles also available in ungalvanized/raw?

No, our steel profiles are always hot-dip galvanized. The material is hot-dip galvanized even before profiling, i.e. before the flat material is shaped. This has several advantages: On the one hand, no zinc residue remains in the profile, which could lead to jamming of the roller blocks with the required tolerances, and on the other hand, we prevent the profiles from warping due to galvanizing.

Why are your castors made of plastic?

We have been manufacturing our rollers from a resistant polyamide for more than 30 years. In addition to the smooth running of the gate system, these plastic rollers have the advantage that they absorb a certain amount of dirt (leaves, sand, gravel) that could collect in the profile and this does not immediately lead to the gate system jamming. Nevertheless, we recommend cleaning the inside of the profile of coarse dirt at least once a year, depending on the circumstances.

Why does the gate have to be so much longer than the passage?

As a rule of thumb, the door must be approx. 1/3 longer than the clear passage. The reason for this is simple: the distance between the two roller blocks, which hold the door next to the driveway, prevents the gate from "tipping on its nose" when it is approached, for example. In other words, the overhang minimizes the tilting moment.

Which gate fillings are possible?

Basically, the customer is king here, i.e. there are virtually no limits to the design. The frame and the frieze bars are important for the statics of the system. Everything else is purely a matter of taste. However, if a closed infill (sheet metal, wood, etc.) is desired, the additional wind load must always be taken into account when selecting the system.

Can I get drives and safety equipment from you?

We do not have drives and safety devices in our product range. What we can supply are the appropriate racks for the sliding gate operator and the corresponding rack guides. You can use all standard operators with our racks.